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Air freight is a shipping method involving the transportation of goods through the use of airplanes. It is widely utilised in international logistics due to its speed and efficiency in delivering goods over long distances worldwide.

In air freight, cargoes are packed and prepared according to safety requirements and international regulations. They are then transported in cargo planes or commercial aircraft with additional cargo capacity.

Air transportation offers several advantages, such as shorter transit times compared to other modes of transportation, higher security, and a lower risk of goods damage or loss. Additionally, it is particularly suitable for perishable, high-value, or urgent products.

However, air freight can also be more expensive compared to other transportation options due to high operational costs and associated fees. It also has limitations in terms of cargo capacity compared to maritime transport.

In summary, air freight plays a vital role in international logistics by offering a fast and reliable option for shipping products worldwide, especially those requiring urgent deliveries.

• Freight services and traveler’s regime.
• Availability at major Spanish airports.
• Charter flights.
• IATA collaborators (International Air Transport Association).
• Offices at major Spanish airports.
• Regular services.

Our agents with extensive experience in air transportation provide one of the most versatile solutions in the logistics world, serving as a perfect complement to our clients. Short transit periods time for goods and operations that require it, door-to-door service, computerised tracking.

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