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ocean transport

Sea freight of goods is a shipping method involving the movement of products across oceans and seas using ships and vessels. It’s a popular choice for international trade due to its capacity to efficiently transport large volumes of goods over long distances.

The process of maritime transport involves loading goods into containers or in bulk at the origin ports, ensuring proper stowage and securing. Then, ships carry the goods through established maritime routes to destination ports, where the unloading process takes place.

Maritime transport offers several advantages, such as the ability to carry massive loads, flexibility to accommodate different types of goods, and economies of scale in terms of costs. However, its main disadvantage is the transit time, as delivery times can be longer compared to faster transport modes like air freight.

In summary, maritime freight transport plays a crucial role in international logistics, providing a cost-effective and efficient option for global trade.

• Full Container Loads (FCL)

• Less than Container Loads consolidations for all origins/destinations (LCL)

• Special equipment shipments

• In-house manufacturing of equipment, containers, platforms, etc.

• Chartering

• Maritime transportation of aircraft.

• Boat transport

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