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Spain’s integration into the European Union as a full member on January 1, 1993, brought about a drastic adaptation in the Spanish customs sector that entailed technological and professional changes that few companies could undertake.

This reality led a group of individuals with extensive experience of over 15 years to establish what is now Biladu S.A. in Bilbao.

From the very beginning, we knew that to progress in this new and exciting project, we had to be good listeners, attempt to engage with our clients’ problems, and convey that our work doesn’t end with service provision; rather, we go beyond, providing that extra element companies require. An extra dose of trust, an extra dose of advice, an extra dose of professionalism.

We wanted our clients to know that the human team at Biladu S.A. was at their disposal, for potential tax, customs, or other inspections where we could be of help. In essence, giving meaning to the phrase “service company.”

We believe we’re on the right path. This confidence has driven us to continue to invest in this more humanised approach, opening new offices, establishing Correspondent partner contracts with international business partners with the sole aim of providing comprehensive global services to our clients.

The human team at Biladu S.A. is our greatest asset, but in a constantly evolving world, information technologies, along with service quality, are considered priorities for our company.

Obtaining ISO-9001 is another step in our company’s concept, enabling us to identify, analyse, and resolve those areas for improvement that influence better service and quality for our clients.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the forwarding, customs, and commercial sections, consisting of maritime, air, and land departments and integrated under the same roof, allow us to have a comprehensive view of all aspects related to foreign trade.

We know there’s a path ahead of us, but we also know it’s getting shorter every time.

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