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BILADU, S.A. Management recognizes Quality/AEO as a strategic factor for the development of its activity and establishes appropriate policies and objectives.

Therefore, BILADU, S.A., whose activity is CUSTOMS AGENT AND FREIGHT FORWARDER, expressly expresses its commitment to comply with the requirements of the Management System, whose main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, the proper compliance with current customs regulations, and continuous improvement taking into account the internal and external context of the organization.

To achieve this:

• There is a firm commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements, as well as the requirements demanded by our customers/administration.

• The effective development of our activity is not only the result of controls but also of proper planning, execution, monitoring, and necessary measurement.

• Necessary improvement actions are promoted to achieve the objectives and goals we establish, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System. Failures should be used as opportunities to learn and eliminate the sources or causes that have generated them.

• The successful development of the implemented Management System requires the collaboration and participation of all levels, and for this, information, communication, and continuous training are indispensable.

• Activity planning, controls, and continuous monitoring are established.

• At a minimum, an annual verification is conducted to ensure that the Management System, including this Policy, is effective and suitable for our needs.

It is ensured that the Quality/AEO Policy is communicated and understood by all personnel within the organization.

Bilbao, May 3, 2018.

Bilbao Aduanas. Biladu S.A.

Edificio ALBIA

C/ San Vicente nº 8 8ª planta.

48001 Bilbao

Vizcaya (España)

Teléfono: (+34) 944235252


Santander Aduanas. Biladu S.A.


Calle Castilla 15, escalera B, 1º D

39009 Santander

Cantabria (España)

Teléfono: (+34) 942318486


Valencia Aduanas. Biladu S.A.


Avenida del puerto 189 6ª pl F1

46022 Valencia

Valencia (España)

Teléfono: (+34) 963308787


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